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After a long illness and extensive rehabilitation, The Drey was founded by artist Drew Simpson in 2019. The first gallery was a small ground floor space in an historic 200 year old mill tucked away in Canada’s last registered hamlet, Glen Williams. From the outset, the Gallery was committed to reimagining the traditional art business model while celebrating and exhibiting the work of under-represented, often marginalized mid-career artists.


Flipping the traditional power dynamics between the gallerist and artist has made The Drey one of the leading voices championing for change in the art world. By standing alongside the artists, rather than merely representing them, The Drey in partnership with its roster opened its second location in Berlin, Germany in 2020. This unique relationship between The Drey and its member artists has created an accessible support system that now spans two continents and has led to collaborations in print, fashion, video and community programming.


In 2021, The Drey moved to Toronto, settling in the ungentrified borough of East York. Carrying forward an underlying ethos of metamorphosis, The Drey challenged the exclusivity of the institution itself and created an accessible wing inside the Gallery that serves as a fine art variety store, bringing a more inclusive retail experience to the public.


Moving into 2024, The Drey will continue its symbiotic partnership with its artists, furthering creative exploration and innovation in the areas of art fairs, residency programs, media and podcasting.


The Drey Toronto:

1229A, Woodbine Ave

Toronto CA

M4C 4E1

( open Wed - Sat, 12pm - 5pm )

unnamed (1).jpg

The Drey Berlin:

Pistorusstrasse 100

Berlin DE


( closed )



T. 647 - 210 - 1936  |

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